>Are you Living or Alive?

>Are you LIVING or are you ALIVE? What is the difference? Here it is:

You see, many of us think that if we are breathing then we’re living, then maybe we can call ourselves alive.

Not only that, many of us think that they will start living once they finish so and so, it is called the “I will start living when” list:
I will start enjoying life when my kids go to school
Or when I finish my studies
Or when I will find a new job
Or when I move to a bigger house
Or when I have more money
I live worrying about what I did yesterday wishing I did it differently
Or worrying about what I will do tomorrow
Or spend my time being scared of things where at least 75% of them don’t happen!!!

But I almost never think about what I am doing today

So how about thinking differently for a change:
I am alive and happy today because I am seeing my kids growing,
because I am studying what I like
because I am working on my professional skills to get a better job
or simply because I live close to the sea (you know what I mean those who live away from it!)

Everything I do now is part of my life.

My yesterday is gone, I can only learn from it

And my future is not here yet. Actually, come to think of it, my present is the future I was once waiting for! Isn’t that true?

Here is a tip for you. Imagine yourself in the future, think of what you will be missing from today, come back and enjoy it! Trust me, it works!

Some people die at 20 and are buried at 80!!!….if you know what I mean!

As John Lennon once said:
Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…

So, tell me now, are you LIVING or are you ALIVE?


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