>Beautiful or not Beautiful?

>Physical beauty. Do you feel more or less beautiful of what people think of you?

I never thought of myself as a beautiful woman. I don’t remember I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that I looked beautiful or in shape enough for me. I would always find an imperfection here and there. In fact I couldn’t see but imperfection.

If people would say: hey you look gorgeous today, I would say gorgeous? I just look fine!
Or if they would say: you don’t need a diet, you’re fit. I would say fit? Do you call this fit?

Until one day, I was looking at my photos of 10 years ago, I thought: “hmm… I was thin!” but at that time I didn’t think so! All of a sudden I was wondering, what if I look at my pictures of today 10 years from now? Would I see myself thin as well? This is where it hit me that what I think of myself might be only my perception, not necessarily the reality.

We say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so how do we see ourselves in our eyes?

Why would I find sometimes a beautiful woman or a handsome man not attractive? And at the same time I can’t stop looking at a person who is maybe overweight or doesn’t fit the “beauty qualifications” but whom I still find attractive?

It is because of what we emit. If we feel beautiful, we would emit this and people would see us as such, the same way we emit sadness or joy, people would feel it before even seeing it.

This is when I realized, beauty comes from within, how u feel about yourself, is what really matters

I realized if see myself as beautiful, regardless how I look this day or how much I weight, I will still feel beautiful.

So I start seeing myself as such, stopped looking to imperfection as imperfection and start seeing it as something that makes me unique …

And I put for myself 5 simple rules, I called them the handful way of being beautiful:
1-I am the sexiest woman alive, u don’t have to believe it, I do.
2-I eat a small healthy meal every 3 hours and stop eating 3 hours before I go to bed
3-I eat fruits either 1 hour before meal or 3 hours after meal
4-I exercise and move whenever I can
5- I don’t forget to smile and say thank you more often because part of feeling beautiful is feeling good.

And whatever comes out of all this, I will take it happily

I’ll borrow a quote from Henry Ford and modify it:

“Whether you believe you are beautiful or not, you are right”


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