>Are You Lucky?

For some, I am lucky to have the job I have, the house I have, the friends I have. I am lucky that I am doing what I like to do, that I visited such and such place, or have this car, or I am lucky I speak this or that language.

Yeah, I got this job because I’ve been working on my career for the last 10-15 years, making sure I am choosing jobs that help building it, and I was in constant learning in my field. You weren’t with me doing hours of readings and paying for extra training!

The house I have, because I was planning for it for few years now. You weren’t with me when I cut on some fun/dining out/traveling! Neither you were with me spending days and days visiting houses. I wasn’t walking down the street where the house owner, luckily, found me and said: “Hey, would you like to have my house as I don’t need it anymore. Here’s the key!”

The car I have is not that fancy, so only people without cars will think I am lucky 🙂 but hey, I’ve got my share of metro/bus/train and again, I planned to buy this one. You weren’t with me when I was doing groceries by bus!

I speak this or that language, because I’ve been putting effort into learning it. I didn’t eat cordon bleu and woke up the next day speaking French! Nor the tortillas helped me with my Spanish!

As for my friends, I simply love them, so they love me back 🙂

The definition of Luck in the dictionary is: “The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events”
The definition of Luck in my dictionary: “SORRY, ENTRY DOES NOT EXIST!”

You see, we all get equal opportunities; the hick is that we are either ready or not! You can’t sit waiting for what you want to happen, to happen. And once the opportunity is here, you shout: “Wait! Don’t move! Have to go 2 years to university, finish this course and then come back!” Forget it dude! Opportunity is like a train that stops for 30 seconds for you to get on. If you’re not ready, too bad!!!

If we are not ready, we will see the opportunity passing in front of our eyes, going to other people whom we will call lucky later on! Or sometimes, we are so not ready for it that we don’t even see it. It will just go above our heads!!!! And of course, at the end of the day, you will call yourself not lucky!

Have you seen the “Yes Man” movie? Even if you didn’t see it, you have to be the “YES MAN/WOMAN”. Say yes to anything (well, almost anything 🙂 Yes to a course that your boss is offering you; even if you don’t see it relevant now, it might be for the “upcoming” opportunity. Yes to an employer who calls you for an interview; even if you don’t want to change your current job, you will get an idea about your worth in the career market and what to expect in interviews. Yes to a new activity a friend is inviting you to; learning a language, trying a new sport, learning salsa; you might end up discovering your real passion, meeting a new friend or a great acquaintance that will get you an opportunity you were looking for.

Seneca, a roman dramatist, said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

So the next time you meet someone you deem lucky, take a step back and think how did he/she has got there? What is it that he/she did and you didn’t do?

If you’re ready, opportunity doesn’t have a choice but to stop at your door.

I don’t wish you luck, I wish you success!


3 thoughts on “>Are You Lucky?

  1. >Great piece Rania… although I wanna add that sometimes we get great opportunities in life when we are not really ready for it, even though we are preparing for it and we might be ready soon, and it makes us feel a bit unlucky, and wish that it just came a little bit further in time… still it should not get us down… it is just a missed opportunity…Sticking to our positive thinking, we should hope and believe that we will get more and more opportunities for which we are prepared at the time, and that's when the opportunity doesn’t have a choice but to stop at our door…Very well put… keep them coming Rania 😉

  2. >Well, maybe it wasn't really an opportunity that u missed, but a message for u to hurry up and get ready for the next real one coming 😉 thanks for your valuable comment!

  3. >I think so many people focus on the "missed opportunities" when for real it is just a question of "naseeb". You missed it because it was not meant for you, so you must move on in your mind and know that wherever you are right now is where you are meant to be. We do not always know what is good for us(3assa an takrahou shay2an wa houwa kharoun lakom). BTW, I just saw Yes-Man 2 days ago! And it really hit home for me…I started saying no to everything when I began university and I was too busy with work/school…but I've gotten so used to NO that now I say it even if I do have time…I should become a Yes-Woman :PGreat blog..Im glad you made it into a website..i find facebook notes are not very practical 😛

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