>Are You Successful?


Another thing I like about people is how they indirectly link luck to success, and unluck to failure, depending on situations. Want to know how? This is how many of them think:

I succeed because I worked hard and I earned it.
You succeed because you are lucky.

I fail because I am unlucky.
You fail because you didn’t work hard and you earned it as well!!!

Interesting links, no? It makes me smile whenever I hear one of those explanations.

Anyhow, now that you may or may not believe in luck anymore (or hopefully you are rethinking the subject!!!!), do you consider yourself successful?

Success in the dictionary: “an event that accomplishes its intended purpose”
This time it has a definition in my dictionary: “focusing on a goal and pursuing it with perseverance”

Here are some simple rules that I am sure most of you know:
• Decide on a specific goal you want to reach
• Understand where you are today from that goal
• Think what do you need to reach your goal
• Decide which steps you want to take to reach that goal
• Acquire the necessary tools/expertise you need
• Focus on your goal and Follow the steps

Can you tell me a specific reason why you wouldn’t reach it? I can’t think of any except of one: you don’t really want to reach the goal you put for yourself…

Success is pursuing what we want and desire. It won’t come without hard work, persistency, and perseverance. You failed a step? Repeat it right away. Don’t stop and nag about it. If you have time to nag then you have time to redo it!!!!

You might tell me, sometimes we face some challenges and obstacles we didn’t anticipate….in this case I will tell you, huuurrrrraaay!!! A golden chance to turn a problem into a new opportunity!!! Challenge yourself!!!! What suspense do you want more than this? You think Twilight is a thriller? This is the real thriller!!!! Not only that! You will have a story to tell once you overcome this obstacle!!!!

However, there is one important thing to be careful about, that is your state of mind. Don’t go towards you goal with the hope of reaching it. Go for it with the certainty that it will be only a matter of time before you get it. 80% of success depends on psychology; the remaining 20% is strategy and mechanics. If you don’t believe deep down inside you will reach it, then don’t waste your time and effort! As Buddha said: “All that we are, and all that we become, is the direct result of our thoughts”

After all this, when you achieve your goal, the success becomes a fulfillment by itself, not only because of what you aimed and got, but because of your attitude during this journey, the new expertise you developed, the new concepts you learned, the new tools you acquired, in short the new person you became… why does an apple for which you went up the tree to get it tastes far more delicious than the one you grabbed from your fridge?

Galdwell, a Canadian journalist and author of “Outliers”, talked about the “10,000 hours” rule to meet success; if you put this number of hours in anything you want, you will succeed.

This goal belongs to you and to you only!


One thought on “>Are You Successful?

  1. >"why does an apple for which you went up the tree to get it tastes far more delicious than the one you grabbed from your fridge?" LOLA Thief will beg to differ. As their GOAL would be to steal one from your fridge. Goal attained…. LOL

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