>Why Don’t You Let Go?


Why is it that your mind is stuck on a specific issue for days and days? You go to sleep worried thinking about it. You wake up fine but the moment you remember it, you become upset. You go to work your mind set hovering around it. And it builds up during the day, in a way upset becomes angry, and angry becomes short-tempered and short-tempered becomes stressed…..and you know what is amazing? That sometimes you can go from worried to stressed in no time!!! Faster than light!!!

All this because you didn’t let go, you couldn’t let go, you didn’t know how to let go!

Now why you can’t let go? Because maybe you failed something or someone, felt rejected by someone, misunderstood, hurt or misjudged. Sometimes, it is your ego that doesn’t accept the situation.

Stop thinking about a job opportunity that you missed, studies that you should have completed, or a person who hurts you and to whom you want to say lots of things. Instead, be grateful of the opportunities you’ve got, think about what you want to study today. As for people who hurt you, whatever they did belongs to them, they are already leading unhealthy lives; don’t let them poison yours…

Do you really need to understand why your boyfriend/girlfriend left you? What for? Isn’t that it is your ego that is not accepting it? Because if he/she wants to come back today, most probably you might be the one who will be dumping them and then you will feel good, right? See? I told you it is your ego!

Now don’t get me wrong. Do go around not caring about what is happening and calling this a “let go”. There are times where you need to take responsibility of things you did, clarify matters you said.

All what I am saying is that don’t be hostage of your own ideas, where your mind can’t think but about one matter, and forgets to take care of other matters, more important and real, like your family, your friends, your work, or yourself above all.

As for me, the moment I stopped taking things personal, I felt lighter, I set myself free. Whenever there is something that is bothering me, I look at it in its eyes:
-is it bothering me because it is touching my ego? If yes, then it is not worth it, I let go
-if no, then I work on it to find out what I can do to resolve it.

Most of the time I am work-free 😉


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