>Are you listening?

> It is very easy to listen to the radio, easy to listen to your boss; sometimes, less easy to listen to your parents or kids, and some other time not easy at all to listen to your spouse!

But how about listening to yourself? I don’t mean when you are going crazy and start talking to yourself, although it might be interesting to explore this! I am talking about listening to your inner self, this voice that keeps humming in your head relentlessly.

Have you been in a situation where you thought something, said another thing and end up doing a total different thing? You did? Ok, can you tell me how you felt afterwards?

I’ve been there myself several times…I would feel or think of something, ignore it, said what I am supposed to say, and end up doing what pleased others.Result: I felt like I was carrying something on my shoulders, my mind kept thinking about it, and didn’t feel that I accomplished anything…..yeah I didn’t like it much…

Not only that, when I didn’t listen to myself, myself made me regret it!

Repeat this behavior and your body will pay the price….how many times we heard that being unhappy and stressed can lead us to serious health problems?

So why do we do it? Sometimes we try to be the person we have always wished to be; sometimes we want to please the society or the person in front of us. We get the habit to do it so often that we are capable of doing it even when we are alone, between us and ourselves….

How about applying some congruence for a change? Congruence is when two things fit together. In our case, what you think should be in harmony with what you do or say.

So I decided that I will change my behavior.
Nowadays, when I am in a situation where I feel that there is something wrong, it sounds like noise behind a door. I stop, turn around, open the door, look at myself and listen to what I have to say (sounds creepy but feels good 🙂

And to make sure that I don’t fall in the trap again, whenever I am about to take a decision, first I validate with me why I really want to do this. I keep searching for the real idea/reason behind it. The only times I don’t find the answer are when I am not being honest really with myself.

How does it feel when I do all that? Light, happy with what I am doing or not doing, with no place for regrets. I say what I feel and I act as I think…

Wanna practice listening to yourself?
-Go for a walk with yourself
-Try some meditation, yoga
-Cook alone trying a new recipe
-Write your thoughts, on a blog maybe
And to have better results, do all this with some silence, no music, radio or tv.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a poet, said: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us”

Shhh…I’m listening…


3 thoughts on “>Are you listening?

  1. >Speaking to ones inner-self does help the person to know a lot about themselves. It is one of the things that help them to take the decisions with their conscious. The decisions made these way are usually right and the most effective ones.

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