>Driving thru Life


The other day while driving to work, I realized that I have been driving, for few minutes, without being aware how totally I got where I am; A part of me is driving automatically knowing where to go; As if I have put my self on autopilot. I am sure you drivers know what I am talking about. So one moment you are aware where you are, lets say at point A, few minutes later, you are at point B without remembering what happened between A and B, which stores you passed by, which exit you took, which cars passed by you. It happens when you are so used to the road that your autopilot knows what to do.

So I start wondering, how many times I put my life on autopilot, letting days, months, or maybe years go by without paying attention to what is happening, what I want, what I don’t want….I am sure many people went from point A, when they were born, to point B, their grave, going all the way on autopilot…

I don’t want to get to point B wondering what happened. I don’t want to miss what was between point A and B; not even a bird that is passing by, or a store that I saw zillion times or a stop sign that I bypassed over and over again. No, I want to be awake and aware and attentive as much as possible. I want to drive my life not the other way around! Life goes in one-way direction with no stops, no slowing down and no U-turns.

I try not to take life for granted. I focus on big projects, look forward for big milestones in my life. From time to time I validate whether what I am doing in my days fall in my life plans, personal and professional. This will keep me on track and keeps me focused.

But I don’t forget the daily small things. As they have always said: Stop and smell the roses. On an unsunny day I watch the clouds, on a windy day I dance with the wind, on a raining day I taste the drops, and on a sunny day I play hide and seek with the sun 🙂

Life is too good to be lived on autopilot. Even when I am sad, hurt, in pain, this means only one thing, that I am still here; so I try to live it fully, even those bad moments. Sometimes I have to drive on an unfishined road to get to the highway.

For Albert Einstein: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”

For me, when I realize that I am looking around me without seeing, I put on my eyes of a kid and look again…

Is your autopilot on?


One thought on “>Driving thru Life

  1. >It's true there are plenty of situations in life where we may never notice where we are or what we do. It's like we just forgot live our lives and instead we are just getting through the days looking for something else. Happiness is usually found in small packets and it's just that we should be able to find it in our daily life.

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