>We are all Plumbers


An old philosophical theory that I created myself and thought I would share it with you. We are all plumbers, aren’t we? You don’t believe me? Let me explain:

Me, an information security analyst, will for sure need a plumber at least once, if not more, at some point in my life.

The plumber, however, can live all his life without solliciting my services. Maybe he doesn’t even know that my profession exists!
Now, the company where I work, a whole distributor, regardless of how many employees they have, looks for an information security analyst to fill in their requirements. Me, on the other hand, can work in any company which is not necessary a distributor but still requests my services. What does this make me? The plumber of this company 🙂
No matter how big your job is, you are still a plumber for this company. And no matter how small your job is, don’t think the company can do without your expertise.
And don’t look at how big or small your job is, look at how good you are doing it, whether you are giving your best or not, because that’s what counts at the end of day. Each one of us is a plumber to someone else; just make sure the sink you just fixed is a sink that won’t leak in the near future.
So far, my masters never unclogged my sink, fixed my roof or changed the tire of my car. I am helpless in front of these problems. My power stops at paying the bills for those experts!
I don’t respect people based on their job ranking, but rather on their attitude. I know people who have a job that is lower in the hierarchy than mine, but also others who are higher…I treat the first ones the same way I want the second ones to treat me…as simple as that.
With degrees, money and position come bigger responsibilities to put all those in service for Humanity. Don’t use them to rank people accordingly, instead be at the people’s service the same way they are. Remember, behavior breads behavior.
Why a plumber? Because some people might belittle his job; Me, I can’t live without him! 😉


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