>As I am going around the house, sorting stuff, throwing and selling them, I realize how many things we buy we don’t really need. Not only that, sometimes we hang on to things emotionally, not because we are really using them or needing them. Result? Packing becomes impossible! Lots of decisions to be taken to throw or not to throw, to take or not to take, to let go or not to let go…..

New clothes never worn, old clothes forgotten, furniture we fell in love with, kitchenware we never use. Why we keep them? Because of memories, they remind us of something or someone, sometimes, they remind us of us….as if we don’t want to forget

My discovery? memories are in our hearts not in things, we think sometimes we can’t let go of this sofa or this desk or this chair or even this cup; but in reality, we can, easily. The first time is difficult but the rest is a piece of cake 🙂 and you know what? You will feel lighter, moving more forward to the future instead of dragging a piece from the past.

It is all in our head, what is stopping us and what is motivating us. And things, they are not even aware we exist! They can easily change owners without a swet!

I am not saying I am getting rid of all my stuff, I am keeping souvenirs that give me positive energy, things that even if I don’t see everyday around me. Some things might have meant a lot when I got them, but with time, I changed, the way I think and feel has changed as well. So how I made my decisions? Anything that I forget it exists it gets to go, anything that makes me smile when I find it, it gets to stick for another round, anything that I remember it is there no matter how long it has been in the drawer, it gets to stay.

Go around your stuff in your house, at work in your desk, you will find tons of stuff staying there. Take them out, recycle them by selling or giving away making others happy, you will realize that important memories stay regardless whether you keep your stuff or not, other memories, maybe they aren’t important and don’t need to stay. This way, you help reduce people consumption of new things, save the environment and feel free, with more energy to give for more important matters….

My quote for you this week: “Hang on to people not to stuff” (me)

Me, I am off to my garage sale tomorrow….


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