Last weekend I finished my garage sale, handed my home to the new tenants, and moved out to a friend’s place. These last two weeks were something, lots of things were happening….and you, what did you do?

Well, you & you & you came early to my house to help me get out the stuff for the garage sale. You & you helped me clean the house. You & you helped me undo my bed and put it in the basement. You & you helped me at the end to pack the unneeded stuff and give them away. You & you & you & you passed by during the day and at the end of it to spend some time with me. You called to check on me several times and offered your services. You & you & you & …… & you & you called me offering to stay at your place once I move out. You called me ,on a long distance call, to check on me. You & you & you offered me to give me a lift to the airport. You & you invited me to a dinner since I am alone now, out of home, and maybe I am not cooking. You helped me move from my home to where I am staying. You actually received me at your place and gave me a whole room to put my stuff. You took the time to come to see me before I leave. You tried to see me but I was late to pass by you. You did my hair. You invited me for lunch on the day of my departure. You bought me chocolate for my flight and gave me a lift. You called to wish me a safe trip. Above all, you reminded me that home is in our hearts, not in things or houses or places; we can recreate it wherever we are, with people we love.

How would I have made it without you? I donno….all what I know that I went through all this with a big smile because of you…All of You made me feel that whatever is coming, I will be fine, as long as I have you in my life..and I felt I own the World and couldn’t ask for more…. I am so blessed and greatful for having all of you around me….

Good friends are family, a chosen one…they will popup whenever you need them naturally… without asking…..you nurture your relationship with them, slowly, giving your care, love and your being there, and their friendship will blossom when you need to smell the roses….

Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher, said: “It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.”

For sure in the last two weeks, I was surrounded with boxes, luggages, bags, piled stuff, but mostly I was surrounded with lots of love…with you!


3 thoughts on “>Family

  1. >When there are friends whom you can trust and vent out all your emotions there is no need of anybody else. They just take care that you are through every problems of life and are ready to help you at any instance. So, they act as a coach for our lives.

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