>2010-06-11 – Friday Whisper – So You Say You Love Her


So you say you love her, you call her, you send her sms, saying that you can’t live without her, that you wish she was there with you, that you miss her like hell….you write her email after email to express your longing to her, you wait for her on the chat window to tell her that you only need to see her on the cam and hear her voice…..and then what?…….nothing…..

On the other side, you have your life running perfectly: a wife and children. Yeah I know, you don’t love your wife, she is not your soulmate, you feel lonely, you’re fighting with her everyday, but you are staying only for the kids….

And her, she is the one for you but you are the one for your wife….
She is the love of your life but you can’t be with her…
You live your life normally, go out with your family, take pictures with your wife, your kids but you get angry at the idea of her having all this.

You keep going after her and when she answers your call/sms/chat/email, you disappear…of course your ego wouldn’t rest until she answers you; and once satisfied, you are done.

She has to sit there waiting maybe for a sign from you, and in between, you go crazy if you only think that she might be seeing someone or going on a date…why? Because you love her!! Yeah right!!!! You don’t care if her years are going by, being alone, because I am not sure you really really think about her, about what is best for her…

What should she do when she misses you? Or if she wants to be with you? When she feels pain? What can you offer her at those times? I got the answer: Nothing!

I think you love yourself, only yourself and no one but yourself.

It is all about you, what you want, what you need, how you feel, what you are going through, how sad you are, how lonely you are, how miserable is your life. How about her? What does she want? How is she feeling tonight alone? Where are you when she is sick? When she feels insecure? When she needs a touch of love, a simple hug? Actually, lets go one step backwards. Do you really know who she is? What she likes or dislikes? What is she going through in her life? What are her dreams? Can you give her what she needs? In fact, do you know what she needs exactly? Of course not! It all goes around you, about you and only you!

She is your punching bag when you feel lonely or frustrated or angry. She is your second-class love.

If you really love her, give her what she needs not what you need…

If you really love her, you will love her having a normal life, a man in her life, her own family, you will want her to be happy before your happiness. Don’t call her and tell her that, JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!

If she is really worth it, she should get a first-class love treatement from you; if you can’t, LEAVE HER ALONE!

If she is really exceptional, she should be exceptionally happy and loved by a man who values her more; if you can’t, LEAVE HER ALONE!

If she is really unique, she should have a man who makes her feel as such. if you can’t, LEAVE HER ALONE!

If you can’t be with her HERE and NOW, then LEAVE HER ALONE!

And stop making three people miserables, her, your wife and you…


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