>2010-07-16 – Friday Whisper – The Story


Another week goes by…well, to tell you the truth, if it wasn’t for the support of my precious friends, that week would have been different for sure! So thank you one more time for checking on me either by person, phone or email…it meant a lot to me…

All this week I’ve been watching myself, trying to understand what is happening inside my head, how exactly I feel…Cloudy it is, unclear, can’t explain it to myself yet…but interestingly, I found my behavior has improved…whatever characteristics I believe I took after Dad, I found myself applying them more, trying to do them at the best of my abilities (I’m talking about good manners and behaviors here! 😉 So I would be smiling more, saluting people more, even strangers, taking more time listening to people, enjoying being around them, reconnecting with old friends, contemplating more….As if I am trying to become him… as if I want him to be reincarnated in me…Maybe because I’m still looking for him everywhere….or maybe I should only look inside myself!

His friends in Montreal were shocked as much as those of Lebanon, he made big impressions during his short visits…I was consoling people more than they were consoling me as they lost their friend, in some cases their lost-and-found friend after 50 years, their brother, and in many cases almost-their-dad for the second time! They told me stories when they first met him, what he meant to them, how they were looking forward to see him this summer and what they will be missing. They signed his memorial book with sincere words coming from the heart and soul…I knew people loved him, I just didn’t know how much….

One of the last things Dad used to say, “Lucky is who leaves behind him a good story to tell” (niyyel yalleh byitrok 7keyeh 7ilweh warah)….and he did leave a beautiful story, a story to be remembered by all who loved him and enjoyed him being around, for years to come….

So, what kind of story you will be leaving behind you?


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