>2010-07-23 – Friday Whisper – What A Wonderful World…


You don’t believe me? Look around you…For sure you will find unconditional love coming from your family, your friends, your colleagues….you don’t agree? Well, look closer, is it because you can’t see clear, or because you are not providing unconditional love yourself!

Another thing, can you find something interesting around you? Or you are bored, you can’t find anything interesting to do….

For me, “I am bored” is equivalent to “I am boring”. And being either will make me attract bored and boring people as well…Remember, birds of a feather flock together… if you are bored and I am not, why do you think I want to hang out with you?

When was the last time you learned a new language? A new dance? How to draw? How to play music? When was the last time you went for a jogging with your kids, or went with your spouse on a weekend alone or even for a cup of coffee like the old days before you got married? Take a different route to work, visit a relative but go walking to their place, turn off your TV for a whole weekend…. call an old friend, meet him/her and decide to leave them a bit happier at the end of the meeting…try to cook a new recipe, and do it with a family member…subscribe for an activity that you think it is boring, because I’ll bet you, you will discover something new and meet different kind of people…pick up a book of an unknown writer, spend a day at ceramic cafe or a scrapbooking place…any of those ideas will make your mind travel to a new place…

Yeah I hear you…you might be saying that it is easier done in Montreal than in any other place….I would tell you, it is always greener on the other side, and I can find you hundreds of unhappy people in a minute here….it depends on which glasses you are putting to see life…actually I think you shouldn’t use any…just look with your bare eyes, so that you can see the real life….

Stop waiting for things to happen or for someone to entertain you to start seeing the beauty of life…happiness comes from within; joy of life comes from our state of mind…

Make a room for new things in your life by letting go things that you are judging important and which maybe they’re not….

On his last day, Dad said: “Difficulties are in the head”; it means nothing is difficult except if we make it as such.

I can hear Louis Armstrong’s “what a wonderful world…”

Life is beautiful and you are fun to be with… 😉


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