>2010-07-30 – Friday Whisper – Montreal…


I just left home…I just left Montreal…
I loved living in this city. I enjoyed every single minute of my a-bit-less-than ten years’ life, with all the challenges that I had, joy and sorrow that I went through. I loved the hot days and the cold ones…. Well, on a second thought, the -40 windy days, let’s be frank, sometimes wasn’t that fun! But I tasted them 🙂
I loved the fact that you walk down the street and you can hear dozen of different languages, and hundred of different races, colors and faces….  Because sometimes we tend to believe that this World revolves around where we come from only…you know what I mean, don’t you 😉
And I loved it more when Dad loved Montreal…He loved walking down its streets, among its people, filling his eyes and heart with its greenness…. That’s why he called it the city of Humanity.
I lived through the challenge of moving to a far new country and starting a new life, surviving without a job, enjoying great jobs; it taught me a lot about myself, my limits, my beliefs, what are my real values, not the ones inherited from culture and surroundings…it’s funny how when you are put outside your pot, everything becomes questionable… you get to decide what you want to keep from your old pot and what to grab from the new one… and I learnt a lot:
-I learnt the equal importance of my rights and my responsibilities towards the society.
-I learnt how not to judge other cultures until I live, work and eat with their people, not to judge other religions until I understand, first mine, then theirs, and not to judge other people’s choices until I understand how and why I am taking my own….
-I knew how it felt like being prototyped as an Arab Muslim woman, regardless from which part of the Middle East I come from; we are all put in the same pool… The most important thing in this is that when you behave in a wrong or a right way, you are affecting not only the image of yourself, but also, your native country, your religion and the whole region you are coming from.
-I learnt that we can make  our years of living abroad hell or heaven
-I learnt that the sky is our limit if we want to, and this planet is our home, if we want to.
Now for you who is thinking or at the point of starting a new life abroad, I won’t tell you what to do of course, but I will give you three hints once you get there:
-Put your patience at practice, a lot of it
-Pretend that you were born in that country, discover it and start from ZERO on all levels: the experience you have, the education you have, the fact that you know it all 🙂 Put all this aside and restart fresh by recreating all this… who knows, maybe you will get it right this time!  (Kidding of course! I am sure you got it right the first time 😉
-You don’t have to decide if you want to live here for ever or there for ever, just live the now for now

Montreal, you really felt home, and I am sure I will miss breathing you…


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