>2010-08-06 – Friday Whisper – Beirut…


Electricity cut along with the heat of August, non-stop traffic, no parking spots, heat and humidity, even in mountains…
But wait! Morning coffee with Mom, lunch with siblings, brunch next to the sea with montrealers friends, reunion with beirutis friends, introducing myself to people who knew the whole family but me… remembering old streets, old signs… learning the new way of dealing with people…enjoying the delivery services at home…seeing the mountains at night….
It is interesting how it feels like I am getting my old memory back, as if a part of me was sleeping for a while and it just woke up…
Another interesting challenge is adjusting back at the family home, recreating my own closet, my own drawer, my own spot, my own rituals…so far so good, especially the food part, sooooo delicious and authentic! 😉
The decision of moving back is like the decision of living abroad, it will have its own surprises.
What to expect? I am not sure but what I am sure of is that I will keep you posted in the coming few months 🙂
As for what I have mentioned in the beginning, since I always preach the positive thinking, I will try to find a positive way of dealing with it and share it with you 🙂
Beirut, you’re on your way to be back to me, the missing part is Dad…


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