>2010-08-13 – Friday Whisper – Ramadan


Ramadan has started this week. For me, it is the first time in a long time where I can really spend it the way I want, no waking up early in the morning to go to work and then trying hard to concentrate during the day, no racing between eating at sunset, doing my Ramadan rituals then trying to sleep the earliest possible to be able to wake up again before dawn to have my coffee…nope, I don’t have to do all this…instead, I can sleep most of the day, wake up in the pm, and enjoy all the evening after the breakfast till the dawn (hmm….I can smell envy…..be my guest! :P)
Thru the years, the fasting experience proved to me that it is all in the brain, how to deal with hunger and thirst….I can keep thinking about the cup of coffee  or food that I am craving all day or I can train my brain that it is just a fuel for my machine/body I will get at the end of day…and it is not only about cutting drink and food, it is also cutting every other bad behavior; in other words, it is an invitation to revisit ourselves and see what we can change for the better, to come out of this month a bit closer to the person we want be …. They say if you want to acquire a new behavior, you need to practice it for at least 30 days for it to become a habit.
This month, if practiced properly, will train our mind to control our instincts and behaviors, not the other way around…
I look forward for this month all the year, the month of mercy, forgiveness and sharing, as it gives me a break from the rest of the year on all levels: it gives my digestive system a break (unless I overeat at night:), it nurtures my spiritual system, and it gives me another excuse to get together with our beloved ones…it helps me disconnect from the life routine and get the necessary energy to carry on, once it is over.
This one is an-almost perfect Ramadan for me, except….


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