>2010-08-20 – Friday Whisper – Restart Button


Have you ever wished that you had a restart button that you can use to restart your day, your career, your marriage, or sometimes your life?
And if you had it, what would you do? Would you choose the same career again? Would you choose your spouse again? Would your spouse choose you again?
How would you be sure that the next time your choice will be the right one for you? How can you avoid what you judged as your mistakes?
Restart a day when you woke up and felt you are going nowhere, restart a career that you feel it is leading you to a dead end, restart a relationship that makes you feel unhappy, unstable, insecure…
Restart that bad day by deciding to start tomorrow in the best way you can, by replacing the “I can’t” with “I will try” and “I don’t want that” with “I want this”
Restart your career by trying to find what you like in it, remembering why you chose it at the beginning. Or try to add a flavor to your daily work, by reading an article, looking for interesting seminars, joining professional associations or groups. You still don’t like it? Try to figure out what you really like to find the right career for you, maybe you are already doing it 😉
Restart your marriage by communicating openly with your spouse; take a step back, share what you like about your relationship and what you don’t, share how you imagined your marriage to be…maybe restart dating your spouse again so that you will remember why you fell in love in the first place…
Restarting doesn’t have to be from scratch, you don’t have to throw everything you have done or gone through; in some cases, it is not what you are doing, it is how you are doing it that you will have to revise…. A new project, a new career will add on to what you have been doing….A new way to deal with your spouse will bring you closer…A new way to deal with your friend will help you understand each other…
Don’t wait for a forced restart, that is a disaster to happen, to re-evaluate your life…
Restart by re-evaluating your values, what really matters to you, and look around you to see what is affecting them…
Restart by re-evaluating your priorities, what is important and what is more important…
Restart by replacing unachievable goals with achievable ones, unhealthy relationships with fruitful ones, bad habits with good ones…
Restarting is never too late, otherwise, you will keep running in the wrong direction till you shutdown… Our life goes in one-way direction, take your time at each stop sign and rethink so that you know which direction to turn…
Lillian Dickson said: “Life is like a coin. You can spend it You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.”
Here’s a coin! spend it 🙂

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