>2010-08-27 – Friday Whisper – A Camera


A friend of mine was explaining to me how he had installed cameras at the premises of his company to be able to watch the business online when he is away from office. And he told me how the employees behave as if he is there all the time. Of course, knowing me, I took the idea and put it in a 3-dimension picture 😉 Let me share it with you.
So I started to think how our lives would change if we knew that there is a camera hanging above our heads and someone is watching us; how would you behave differently in those situations if you’re being watched:
-You are at your desk working
-You are serving a patient or a customer
-You are taking care of children at a day-care
-You are teaching your students
-You are studying or passing an exam
-You are preparing a meal to your family or your guests
-You are raising your kids
-You are dealing with your spouse
-You are driving
-You are surfing the Internet
What will happen to our World if each and every one of us did his/her job as if they were watched? How better would our lives be? And what stops us of doing so?
Don’t we always ask to have the best service while we probably not giving the best ourselves?
Delivering the best in you starts with simple things, from the way you leave the shower behind once you have used it, the way you leave the dining room once you have eaten, the way you maintain your car, the way you deal with the garbage collector, to the way you deliver your work, you treat your employees and you deal with your employers.
You will also bring positive energy in everything you do, you will make your customer feel as if he/she is your only customer, you will make your guests feel that they are your favorite, you will make your family members feel they are the luckiest to have you.
How much your life would change if you act as if you are being watched?
Socrate said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
And the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) said: “Verily, Allah loves that when anyone of you does a job he should perfect it”
Is your camera on?

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