>2010-09-10 – Friday Whisper – Let’s Kill Some Time!


When I hear the expression of “Let’s kill some time” it always made me stop and think, why someone wants to deliberately kill his own time? Not only that, sometimes we call a friend and invite him to kill some time with us! That’s what is friendship for, isn’t it? 😉
Don’t get me wrong; if once in a while you played cards with your friends or family, this is having fun. But if you do this every single day, playing for 3-4 hours, I guess that can be called wasting your time, specially that you are the same person before and after the game. You didn’t benefit anything from it on any level. Same applies for constantly watching TV, playing X-Box, PS2, chatting & facebooking, hubble-bubbling (Ok, this one I have to think about it again :), you name it…

Look back in your near past and think about the days where you wasted your time, how did it happen? Maybe you didn’t do any planning, you procrastinated, you trusted the wrong friend, you loved the wrong person; that happens to all of us…
But I’m talking about the times when you did it on purpose; you even planned it, doing nothing beneficial for your life… How could you have used all this time differently? Where would you be today if you spent it right?
How to know whether you are wasting your time or not? If you answer NO to all those questions, then maybe you have to think about it again… Will what you are about to do:
-help you improve you physically?
-help you improve you mentally?
-help you improve you spiritually?
-help you improve you socially?
-help you build your business/career?
-teach you something?
-help you teach others something?
Unfortunately, we can’t freeze our moments, we can’t decide when to spend our time and when not, and for sure we can’t go back in time to recover it…
When you go shopping, don’t you try to get the best deal with your $100 bucks? Why not try the same with your 100 minutes? 100 hours? Or 100 days? Maybe you can waste a $10 if you have another $10 in your pocket, but can you guarantee you will have another hour if you waste this one?
Harvey Mackay, an author and business motivational speaker, said: “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”
Invest in your time, don’t kill it!

Rania Hammoud


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