>2010-09-24 – Friday Whisper – You Are a Handicap!


 Oh! Sorry! I didn’t mean you! But… you agree with me that it is a chocking statement! You know you are not a handicap but still if someone would tell you so, it will shock you somehow… So imagine if someone would make you feel and live as such, reminding you each day of your disability, how difficult it will be!
By definition, handicap means a disability or disadvantage that severally limits (but does not prevent) the successful performance of a task or achievement of an objective.
When someone has a disability, we decide for him what he can do or cannot do, what is his limit, what is his level of understanding.
I know that a person with a disability would not be able to do a specific activity, but doesn’t mean that he can’t do them all or he can’t think properly! Maybe he can do another one more properly than us….And if a person has one disability, and me who has the full ability  (or at least I think so!) can’t understand this person and his world, so who is really the one with the disability here?
A handicap means different, but different doesn’t mean inferior, it just means different….
Take a tour in the park with a person on a wheelchair, you will stop nagging about not having your own car…
Take a walk with a blind person, you will see things you never saw before or paid attention to …
Have a chat with a deaf person, you will discover that when we slow down and listen with all our senses we will understand more…
Work with a person with a down syndrome, you will see what does full concentration on work mean…
Dance with a person with one leg, you will learn new steps…
Hug a person with no arms, you will learn what “holding in my heart” means.
Scott Hamilton, American figure skater and Olympic gold medalist, and fought his own disabilities and illnesses, said: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”
Some people are handicapped; it is just that it doesn’t show physically on them…
Rania Hammoud


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