>2010-12-24 – Friday Whisper – Christmas


Christmas in Downtown Beirut

 I like  Christmas time…it feels lots of love, caring and giving in the air…people planning for Christmas gathering, buying gifts, flying back home to be with family….

Santas are everywhere…Adults before children are anticipating the big night… and facebook status??? God!!! Lots of wishes up there 🙂
But it is more than this, it’s about Jesus Christ, who did lots of miracles and was a miracle by himself…
As many of you know, Jesus was humble, at the service of every person he met, regardless of his or her social status, race, gender or age.

Now if he were among us on Earth, how would he celebrate his birthday? Hmmm…let’s see…maybe he would ask you while shopping for gifts, to buy a one or two toys for kids you know Santa don’t visit them every year or a blanket for a homeless…while shopping for your dinner, fill a food bag for a father who can’t provide a proper Christmas dinner for his family… while setting your dinner table, add one or two chairs for people you know they don’t get a proper meal everyday… while you are heading home, check on your neighbor…while you are spending your evening time eating, laughing, enjoying your company, take a break and drop by the church to have a serenity moment…
If he were here on his birthday, he would ask you to let go some material things and hang on more to your beloved ones…to check on your parents during the whole year, not only on occasions…to visit a sick person you know, even for 10 minutes…to help a person in distress discreetly without waiting for a reward…to judge less people…to share your wealth instead of stocking it… to hate less, forgive more…
I’m not a christian, but I believe in Jesus and I believe that if you live the Christmas spirit with its true meaning, if you go back to what it really means, why Jesus came on Earth and how he lived his life, and try to practice it through the year, you will be able to touch the lives of people, more than you think and deeper than you think…you will even touch your own life miraculously! What you give will come back to you, thousand folds…
Calvin Coolidge, a former USA president, said: “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”
My friend Samir (a.k.a. Aammo Samir 🙂 told me today that Jesus left us with a very difficult commandment “Love Each Other as I Have Loved You” … a very big challenge, come to think of it!!! And I thought that if we succeed in doing it, the face of this World will change significantly, that’s for sure!

Wish you a delightful Christmas filled with lots of love, caring, sharing  & serenity

Rania Hammoud
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