>2011-01-21 – Friday Whisper – The Old You…


“To Daddy’s girl, Rania”

Montreal welcomed me with a frozen kiss! A -32 degrees! The usual Montreal in winter… I still love it and I love smelling it!!!
So here I am back home, going one more time thru my stuff to get them ready for shipping… so I had to go thru all the documents, from 2010 back to 2001…and as I was going thru my papers, all the memories would come back to me, as if I’m living those years again…and at some point, it started to become overwhelming a little bit…the receipt of the first sofa and dining table I bought, the first pay check, the first rent receipt…pictures of people I forgot their names and faces…pictures of a fashion show I did (yeah!!! read again, I was a model once :),  cards from friends, from colleagues when I left work,  and a birthday card from Dad entitled “to Daddy’s girl”…I even found letters I sent to Santa Claus (sent to North Pole with postal code HOH OHO 🙂 and letters he wrote me back…yeah I know, I was a kid then, a 32-yrs old 😉
So I followed my own advice, threw unnecessary things and kept lovely memories that made me smile…
It is funny how we change…I so believe that the one I am now is different from the one I am now…and with time I become a different person from the person I was…didn’t it happen to you that, while remembering yourself 10 years ago, you felt you were picturing a person who is not you anymore?
Change is always good specially when we understand ourselves more, face our challenges with courage, recognize our weaknesses, dare to speak our mind, stand up of what we believe in, listen to ourselves, our needs…as if thru years, we were peeling away one layer of who we are, getting closer to the real us, whom we are meant to be…and the more closer we get to our inner self, the more peaceful we feel, the more genuine we look, the happier we live…
Fore sure it takes a lot of courage to go thru the process; not everyone can do it, that’s why not everyone reaches an inner peace…
Max Depree, an American writer, said: “We cannot become what we need to be, remaining what we are.”
And Sir James M. Barrie, a Scottish author, said: “The most useless are those who never change through the years.”
I’m so thankful for that card…
Rania Hammoud
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