>2011-01-28 – Friday Whisper – A Cocktail…


A cocktail of feelings is what I had when I saw our home empty from everything, like the first day we came in…every corner we arranged carefully, every kitchen cabinet filled with what we needed, every room filled with warmth…all this is gone…and with shipping them today, it seemed like an official statement telling us we are not living here anymore…it is our house still, but not our home… It hit me when I left home tonight, that this is really happening… I can’t come back to our home anymore… I know I can make a new one, but I can’t get this one again…
Another chapter is closed… even if you saw it coming, if you have decided on it, if you wanted it… all this is one thing, and living it is another…Well, at least I will have a piece of it with me in Beirut… cherishing the best times of that beautiful era…
But hey, the end of a chapter means the beginning of another one… that’s how change happens, doesn’t it? For everything you start, the end is already there, somewhere… just make sure it is an end you will be proud of… Don’t ruin a beautiful start with a dread end… instead, make sure you will have a niece piece of it, once it is over, or at least have a decent and peaceful end… and this applies to a relationship or a marriage you feel you want to end, a job you are about to leave, or a house you are about to change…
You life is a series of chapters… just keep writing with a smile sealed at the end of each one of them 🙂
Rania Hammoud
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