2011-02-11 – Friday Whisper – Rainbow…


Table Mountain, Cape Town

Remember I was in Montreal last week doing what I had to do and went through difficult time to finish everything, but it was only possible with the help with my dear friends? Well, when I was back in Beirut, I had to fly right away to South Africa for work.
Once I arrived to Cape Town and got my share of sleep, I started enjoying the place… Cape Town is a gorgeous city, warm weather and warm people…
It is amazing how, within few days of rest and sun, I was able to forget my tiredness of previous days… I used to tell myself in Montreal “there should be difficult days in order to get enjoyable days…our days can’t be all good after all!”
When we go through difficult times, we feel miserable, helpless, powerless, alone in this world and any other problem is easier than ours…that’s exactly the trap that you have to be careful of…because the more you sink into it, the way to get out of it will be longer and in some cases more difficult…especially that many of you retreat in your own corner, away from everyone, not even wanting the help of your closest people around you.
Difficult times are unavoidable and it is not your mistake you got them, it is just the cycle of life…your decision of how to deal with them will make the whole difference…and asking for help doesn’t make you less of a person or less resilient or less smart… in fact, you are giving your loved ones the chance to show their love to you… so put your ego down and raise your level of trust in them that they can be by your side…
Whatever rough time you are going through right now, just remember good days don’t last forever, neither do bad ones 🙂
That’s why I trusted that the rough days of our dear Egyptian fellows would come to an end! Very happy for you folks and very proud of you!
Gilbert K. Chesterton, an English writer, said: “And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”
Keep in mind: After difficult days, there is always Cape Town days…
In Afrikaans, geniet jou reënboog…
( PS: sorry for the late posting but I had Internet connection issue 🙂
Rania Hammoud
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View from my room patio

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