2011-03-18 – Friday Whisper – Mom…


Like Mother like Daughter…Gorgeous that is! 😀

She didn’t teach us what we know but she taught us how to learn…

She didn’t teach us how to take decisions but she taught us right from wrong…

She didn’t teach us to be persistent and ambitious, but she showed us how anything is possible when she pursued her dream of obtaining her diploma in psychology while taking care of her family and her job…

She didn’t give us all the answers to our questions, but she showed us how to search for them…

She didn’t tell us to be strong but she showed us what endurance is and how to get out of difficult situations wisely and with the least damages possible…

She didn’t tell us to just follow rules blindly, but she taught us how to ask the right questions to understand them…

We never looked at her as an old person, as she always showed us how to maintain a young spirit. She got her own MSN and Facebook account! And yes! She stalks our walls!!!! 🙂

I don’t believe we made it easy for her, but she find her way out, with a full time job and a family of six kids, and don’t ask me how!!!

She is my diet and sport partner, my sister’s social partner, my brother’s joke partner, my sister’s ideas’ exchange partner, my sister’s secret-sharing partner, and my brother’s family-matters-expert partner… but above all she is and always will be my Dad’s life partner and soulmate…

On Mother’s day, I would take the occasion to wish her, all the mothers who are still with us and those who are watching us from above, a happy Mother’s day filled with love and blessings…

Special wishes to the new Moms of this year; they say when your first child is born, you, as a mother, are born too…so enjoy your motherhood and don’t think you are living your hardest days, wait till they start walking 😉

I’m sure your mom did pretty much the same, maybe less or maybe even more… just remember that regardless of what you might think, you are the most important person for her in this life 🙂

Mother’s day should be a cherry on the top of the cake; i.e. the cake is how you treat her all year, the cherry how you extra-pamper her on Mother’s day, and not the only day of the year where you call her or see her, got it? 🙂

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Paradise lies at the feet of mothers.” In other words, Paradise awaits those who cherish and respect their mothers.

And Robert Brault, an American writer, said: “If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.”

I dedicate this whisper to you, Koko, as for everything I am, and everything I will be, I owe it to you…

luv u Mom 🙂

Rania Hammoud
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