2011-03-25 – Friday Whisper – Decide!!!


Have you ever decided to go on diet then after few days you realized you were loosing days instead of kilos or pounds?
Have you ever decided to stop smoking then after few times you realized you lost count of how many cigarettes you smoked so far and you were only “stopping for smoking” instead?
Have you ever decided to go to the gym and you paid your subscription then you realized that you were only loosing money instead of inches?
Have you ever decided to pursue your studies and enrolled in a program then you realized your degree is taking forever and you are spending more time dropping courses at the registrar office than studying in the library?
Have you ever decided that you want to give some quality time to your family then what you kept doing is giving quality time to everyone except them?
Have you ever decided that you want to organize your work but you end up having a mess in your head trying to figure out how you are going to do it instead of really start doing it?
Have you ever decided to change your job but end up counting years in the same job at the same desk?
Were all those real decisions taken? Why didn’t they work? Although you had all the good intentions to do so!!!
I’m sure you can give me at least another 10 examples like that…
When a real decision is taken, a real change takes place… you’re no more in a “thinking” mode…instead you’re in a “doing” one…
With a real decision comes a commitment… don’t think you can’t make your decision because you can’t commit…it is the other way around!!!!
When you take a decision, commit to it the same way you did when you decided to have kids: you don’t ask yourself everyday whether you want to feed them or not!!!… when you decided to pass an exam: you just studied day and night without questioning if you had to do so… when you decided to go vegetarian: you didn’t stop at a butcher’s window shop to watch the meat!!!… when you decided to quit smoking: when you were offered cigarettes, you just said “No I don’t smoke”, without even asking if it was your kind of cigarettes!!!… when you decided to get married: you sorted out your relationship/marriage problems without jumping to separation or divorce…
Taking a decision and committing to it doesn’t always mean it will be easy to do… but it means when the approach or the tools you have are not working, you will change them… you will not back down because you are committed to make it work…
Some big decisions might involves lots of energy and effort…while others, those that affect our daily life, might take small changes to be in effect: maybe you have to wake up 15 min earlier to prepare a healthy lunch… tie yourself to your desk for 15 min per day and just start organizing your drawers, your files, your laptop till the 15 min are over, then restart the next day… sometimes just drive to the gym, the same way you drive home, without even asking yourself whether you wanna go there or not…
Remember when you make a change in your life, it means you are undoing an old habit and learning a new one…Yes, decision means commitment… but commitment needs discipline… and discipline needs training… and training means a change of habit…
Anthony Robbins, a motivational speaker, said:
“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided …… It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”
I decided to write these Friday Whispers; and I don’t question it every Friday, I just write 😉

It is time to make some decisions… So, commit to your dreams… commit to yourself…
Rania Hammoud
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