2011-04-08 – Friday Whisper – Sexist… very!!!


She is not delivering her baby but her legs are always spread, she is not talking but her lips are open as if she’s having an orgasm, she is not thinking and her eyes are looking into the void, she is standing/sitting/flying in the middle of nowhere, and whether it is summer or winter, she is always somehow under-dressed! All this regardless of the purpose of the publicity itself…and their photos are always photo shopped to show longer legs and thinner bodies… this is how you women are represented in advertisements and on billboards!
How is our fellow man presented? He is always standing on a solid ground, fully dressed with a tie, looking right into your eyes and his lips are sealed; all this to inspire confidence!
His mouth is open if he is screaming for a victory… he is underdressed when the publicity relates to sportswear, he looks away when he is thinking…what he is doing is always somehow related to the topic!!!
I’m wondering here, can’t we see anything in a woman but her naked body? Don’t you agree with me that it is used as a mere object? Don’t you agree that, in those cases, publicity companies have next-to-zero degree of creativity? Aren’t they so hopeless to the extent that they cannot sell their product without some boobs and naked butts?
And the problem doesn’t stop here…when those ideas sank into our subconscious mind, we start accepting them and thinking that those are the real standards of beauty and that sexy women are out there waiting for us … it helps showing illusionist images and impossible standards that young girls think they should comply with to be seen sexy and accepted in the society… so a publicity ends up costing couple of thousands dollars along with the loss of young girls to low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and bulimia, to name a few…
It even affects trade shows! Organizers start looking for girls who match those publicity’s profiles; so you would see them with tiny skirts standing in an auto show to attract I donno who anymore!!!
I think those ads are not insulting for women only but for men as well since they put all of them in one category, that is of you can only attract their attention when there is a half-naked woman on the ad… Total dehumanization, that is!
Of course there are couple of smart ads out there and I’m grateful to those who created them…but you know that 80% of them aren’t that smart!
What can we do? It can start very simply by writing to the company and their publicity agent to tell them that we find their ad sexist and offensive… the rest of ideas are yours to find 🙂
Michelle Peters, a woman activist, said: “Basic human rights belong to women as well as men in society. No one should have to be afraid that they will be subject to violence, slavery, hunger and denied the freedom to be who they are. Yet images that have the power to create and influence our reality, and who are controlled by a small group in society, carry this threat for women.”
To all publicizers, marketers, media responsibles who can’t develop but sexist ads, just close her legs and open your mind!!!!
No woman’s body was exploited in this ad…

Rania Hammoud
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