2011-04-15 – Friday Whisper – I Found My Treasure!!! (Part I)


That’s how I felt when I discovered that Coaching exists…

In February 2009, I was at a hairdresser salon, reading a magazine, when I found an article that explains the concept of accompanying people, helping them changing their obstacles into opportunities, going the extra mile, reaching new objectives faster, let it be in their professional or personal lives…in other words, transforming their lives… A process that is called Life coaching, the same way a sports coach make you work and sweat to get the gold medal without him sweating or getting on the field… Finding coaching was as if I just found the key of a box where my treasure lied inside…
Quickly, I grabbed a piece of paper, wrote down couple of websites from the article… Once home, I ran to my laptop and checked them…one of them was Coaching de Gestion in Montreal! What a great surprise!!! I contacted them for more information…the lady told me that the next session will start in April 2009 but was already fully booked. A bit disappointed, I asked her to keep me on the waiting list, just in case… A week later, she called me and left me a message telling me that a person has cancelled and there is a free spot now if I’m still interested…Of course!!! It is a sign, I told her! And the rest is history…
I was passing through a period in my life where I felt that I was missing something which I didn’t know what it was, neither could I put the finger on it… I felt that there is a lot inside me to give, but didn’t know what it was and thru which channel…although I had a healthy balanced life, cherishing my family and friends and having a successful career on the right track…
Having found coaching, I understood my life path, my choices, my travels, myself…as if finding coaching was an electric plug, once put in the wall, it turned on the lamps along all the way of the sidewalks of my life…
What lamps? Follow me next week 🙂

Rania Hammoud
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