2011-04-22 – Friday Whisper – I found my treasure!!! (Part II)


Having found coaching, as I told you last time, I understood myself and how it was the electric plug that turned on the lamps along all the way of the sidewalks of my life, which prepared me to coaching…
1st Lamp – Listening lesson: at 16 years old, I read this story: when you meet a new person and you only listen to what they are telling you, at the end of the conversation, they will thank you for the great conversation they had! A lesson that was engraved in my head since and every time I used it, it worked like a charm!
2nd Lamp – My courses at university: I studied Computer Sc. at university, but when I thought of the courses that marked me the most, I realized it was “Communications skills”, “Introduction to psychology” and “Psychology of young child”… not surprising anymore!
3rd Lamp – ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus’ movie of Richard Dreyfuss (1995): a quote that I still remember,  “It’s not about the direction you take. It’s about the direction you give.” I understand now why I’ve never forgotten it…
4th Lamp – “The Matrix” movie: where I understood the difference between the reality and the perception, and which have helped me more to understand the perception of others…
5th Lamp – Naming my company ‘Perfect Mind’: in 2001, I was looking for a name for my company that provides IT services; I asked myself what intrigued me the most in this life? It was how the human mind works, how much of its capacity we are using and how much I wish I can use mine in an optimal way to get to the “Perfect Mind”…a coincidence?
6th Lamp – Guys I dated: I was always attracted to guys with issues or who were facing personal challenges in their lives; it was always where the discussions started and where I felt I was alive…I thought it was love in some cases… now I understand…I wanted to coach them only!
7th Lamp – Parties I attended: It is clear to me now why I was interested in attending parties, events, meetings and anniversaries where I knew no one, and observe people, their behavior, their reactions and interact with them. I wanted to get myself out of my comfort zone to see how I would behave… an exercise that a coach would get his clients to do in order to progress and move forward in their lives…
8th Lamp – Job interviews: In many of them, they always ask you what are your strengths: the first thing that would come to my mind was my interpersonal skills; how I always found a way to communicate even with difficult people or people coming from different backgrounds or cultures… a necessary skill for a coach…
9th Lamp – Learning languages: I realized that my interest in learning languages wasn’t because I wanted to travel more, but because I wanted to be able to connect with more people in their own language: one of the techniques a coach should apply is to use his clients’ words a better communication …
10th Lamp – My hobby: I have always thought that living from one’s hobby would be best thing that can happen to you; and when I thought what would be mine…I always came with the same conclusion: “Pffff…I don’t have any…I only like to talk to people one-on-one!” Little did I know… 🙂
11th Lamp – Helping others: I was always ready to help people who are willing to help themselves… if they weren’t, I wouldn’t be interested because I didn’t really like to play the role of a therapist… a Coach attitude!
12th Lamp – Self-Improvement: I have always tried to identify my weaknesses, accepted others’ constructive critics and worked on improving myself…and I’m still working 😉
13th Lamp – Trigger Lamp: the lamp that told me that there is something inside me that I couldn’t identify: it was when I was talking to friend (female) about her problems when I realized that, at the same time where my friend was sharing with me her sad story, I was feeling alive – a feeling that I experienced with guys I told you about before! It is where I was in complete confusion!!! Which led me to a quest within myself, made me dig more and peel off my layers to get closer to my inner-self…
As if all the phases in my life prepared me to this… Once I was ready, Coaching found me in a magazine I was reading…
Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author, said: “Everyone on earth has a treasure that awaits him”
And Saint-Augustine, a Carthaginian author, said: “Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.”
Whenever something that you don’t understand happens in your life, stay tuned, it might be nothing but another step that you are taking toward your treasure… Have you found it yet?
Rania Hammoud
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