2011-05-13 – Friday Whisper – Are You Bored?


Have you felt recently bored? Don’t where to go? Don’t know whom to call? Don’t know what to do? Have you been experiencing this much?
This can be due to many reasons: bored with the kind of work you’re doing, bored with the kind of friends you have, bored with kinds of activities you’re doing, bored with kind of life you’re having…
Now let me think what does it mean that you are bored:
You have seen all the movies… You have read all the books… You have learned all the languages… You have visited all your relatives (well the ones you like at least!)… You have contacted/seen all your friends… You have tried all kinds of sports… You have learned all dances… You have discovered all the treasures in your country… You have tried all kinds of food…
Not really? Then there is one explanation left: that you are sitting waiting for fun things to come to you!!! What does this mean? It means that YOU ARE BORING! Sorry, but I couldn’t think of anything else!
You can walk to places where you usually take your car… You can change the route to your work/school… You can try talking to people you don’t usually talk to… You can google things you want to learn… You can visit public libraries… You can visit electronic stores to learn about new technologies… You can visit sports store to learn about new equipments even if you are not planning to buy them… Then come back from all those places and tell me about them 🙂
Things don’t just happen, especially fun ones! That’s why people you find entertained or entertaining they are able to entertain themselves in the first place…they don’t wait for you to entertain them…

Yes, some activities will be more fun to do if you have company, but many won’t be that boring alone if you try it!
I’d rather be sad or angry than bored… stressed, depressed and crazy than bored… dead than bored!!! As being bored makes me feel like a dead woman walking!!!
Let me give you few tips to be less bored (or less boring!) :
  • Don’t turn down invitations.
  • Keep complains to yourself.
  • Give everyone you meet a chance. Not everyone can entertain you to the fullest; if you can have 10% of fun, take it and seek the other 90% from other people.
  • Read more.
  • Don’t look for the 20% imperfection in a movie/theater/picnic/gathering, just enjoy the 80%
  • Try to start conversations with strangers.
  • Subscribe to current events; living in Beirut? Check Beirut.com or agendaculturel.com to stay tuned…living somewhere? You should have something similar.
  • Try a new hobby that you never thought of.
  • Seek new friends in different groups.
  • Watch the “Yes Man!” movie.
  • Reinvent yourself.

Wayne Dyer, an American author and lecturer, said: “Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.”
Billy Graham, an evangelist, said: “Only those who want everything done for them are bored.”
Live, don’t just breath!!!
Myself, I’m learning sign language, but don’t ask me why! 🙂

The cure for boredom is curiosity.There is no cure for curiosity ~ Dorothy Parker
Rania Hammoud, Life Coach
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