2011-06-10 – Friday Whisper – Numb…


Roman Baths stairs – Beirut

Numb…my mind is going numb tonight… I’m sure I have a lot to share with you, but it is just that my brain is doing some shuffling, rearranging, going in every direction, looking everywhere and nowhere…
So I thought I will make it light this week and share with you an interesting event.
I went to the “Outbox International Short Film Festival” at the Roman Baths, Downtown Beirut… it is airing, on a giant screen, international short films from Poland, Spain, Russia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Australia, France, India, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Serbia and of course our beloved Lebanon… films’ length ranged from 4 to 19 minutes… We sat on the roman wide stairs under the summer sky of Downtown Beirut…lovely… so relaxing and enchanting…
It was nice to watch movies coming from different sides of the world… interesting to see how some movies with short time, few words, and people coming from different culture, could convey the message easily…using the common language of humanity, that is of feelings, emotions, facial expressions… it proves one more time that 70% of any message we communicate comes from our body language…
We look alike, we are alike, we behave alike, we love alike, we ache alike, we dream alike… We only need to listen carefully to each other…
Most probably I will go again tomorrow and after tomorrow, when the festival ends.
Till next week… keep enjoying every sunrise 🙂
Rania Hammoud, Life Coach
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Roman Baths – Beirut
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