2011-06-24 – Friday Whisper – Are You Controlling Your Life?

Are you controlling your life or mastering it?

What is the difference?

Well, if you are always stressed out, feel you have always something to do, you want things to be done in a specific way, you want people to behave in a specific way…then you control your life…

If you are trying to force your child to pursue specific studies, you are a controller…

If you want everything neat and in its place and you go crazy when your partner dropped something on the floor then you are a controller…

Controlling things will make you stressed all the time, feeling that there is always something you have to do or watch, awaiting for something to go wrong for you to go mad… How is this working for you? How are your days passing by? And what are you waiting for to start living a more relaxed life?

Why would you want to control people or things in your life? Are you afraid of failing? … Are you compensating for other failures in your life?

So how about changing few things to enjoy your days more? Help your children to find their passion… If the house is not 100% neat today, you can always clean it tomorrow… Accept completed tasks even if they are not perfect; you have already tried your best…When things don’t go the way you want, accept them the way they are…

Mastering your life means you know what you want, listen to your needs, listen to others, adapt to new situations, stay calm when things turn wrong or even laugh at them… It is how you decide to react to situations that will make the whole difference…

Trust me, the whole world will keep going around whether you are happy or mad… and no situation is permanent…in fact, as you know, change is the only constant in this life… so lighten up and relax…I’m not saying to live without rules, I’m just saying that you made those rules and you can change them appropriately, whenever they stop working for you and prevent you of having a healthy balanced life… after all life is about choices we make…

Brian Tracy, a business coach, said: “You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.”

Save your energy by mastering your life…

Rania Hammoud, Life Coach


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