2011-07-15 – Friday Whisper – If this is what you’re worth…

You’ve been with him for few years now, but he hasn’t clarified where your relationship is heading to…

You’ve been seeing him for few months but you can’t tell if he is interested in you as a friend or a girlfriend…

You’ve been cooking for him, taking care of him, changing your plans for him, accommodating him, but it doesn’t seem he is going to propose any sooner…

You keep seeing him under the context of a “friend” even if he is seeing someone else… why not? You’re giving him the perfect scenario: he got a sweet girlfriend and you as a great girl-friend!

And in all this, you haven’t said a word, you’re still in the relationship… if you accept this situation … this treatment… this kind of relationship… Why aren’t you happy?

If you are ok to be in a hanging relationship, expecting nothing, sitting there, watching your guy leading a normal life, not changing one thing to adjust to your needs! Why do you feel unsatisfied?!

If you’re ok with those kinds of relationship, it means one thing to me: this is what you think you deserve and you don’t want more…

But what I don’t understand is that how a smart, successful, cultivated woman like you can settle for so little? With all the love around you from your family and friends, you are satisfied with such loveless relationship! … With all the respect and appreciation you get from your boss and colleagues, you are satisfied with such a careless relationship! …

What stops you to claim the love, respect and attention you need and want? Are you afraid to lose him or you are afraid to lose your comfort zone? Are you afraid to go back in the dating game? Are you afraid to be alone? You already feel lonely in many situations! So what is better do you think?

There is a difference between trying to make a relationship work and forcing it!

Maybe you will give me hundreds of excuses to defend him or his behavior…unfortunately I’m a big fan of nothing-can-stop-a-guy-from-commitment-if-he-really-wants-it theory; so no excuse can convince me! Sorry!

How long will you be hanging on something that will never be?

What do you need to claim your right to have the life you want?

It is not a button that you switch for your heart to stop caring about him, I know…but I’m sure you don’t want to watch your years go by with no purpose…

Robert Browning, an English poet, said: “Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.”

And Astrid Alauda, a writer, said: “If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.”

You don’t deserve him… You deserve more! Just claim what you’re worth!

Rania Hammoud, Life Coach


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