2011-09-30 – Friday Whisper – Camping…

Camping is another extraordinary experience… Well, if done with an extraordinary company 😉

I went with the one and only FNC (“Footprints Nature Club”) for camping in Akkar, north of Lebanon.

It was a very nourishing experience on all levels… Once arrived, we setup our tents, gathered tree twigs, built a fire ring with rocks to prepare for the campfire… You know, camping isn’t camping without a campfire!

We started the fire and sat around it, start chatting, singing, eating, roasting marshmallow over campfire… Sometimes, we would go for a silly competition like who can jump higher over the campfire…

Then we took a walk in the middle of the night under the moon light…. Sooooo refreshing…

Amazing is how we adapt easily to nature when we thought we couldn’t…All of a sudden, we can enjoy our time away from our comfortable environment without TV, Internet, phones… just connecting with our “natural” inner side…

Looking around, at first we can only see people we don’t know until we initiate the first contact, as simple as “how are you doing” or “do you need help” or making a funny remark about something…it is when we realize that others are more friendly than what we thought, we might have common friend with them, or we might be working in the same company…

Why most of the time we wait for others to start a conversation? Maybe because we are afraid of rejection… by doing so, we might be depriving ourselves from a chance to meet exceptional people…so what if we get rejected? What is the worst that can happen? Nothing, just move to the next stranger 🙂 We will get accepted many more times, that’s for sure…

And never say “No” to a silly game, as sometimes it takes a silly activity to get a good laugh…

Georges Bernard Show, an Irish author, said: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

I might grow old but I know I will never get old 😉

That was our next morning hike...yeaaaaaaah, you did miss it! :P

Rania Hammoud, Life Coach


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