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Jamerican Muslimah's Veranda

In the spirit of B. Deutsch’s The Male Privilege Checklist and Peggy McIntosh’s White: Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, I decided to create a Muslim Male Privilege Checklist. I realize these kinds of lists usually come from benefactor of privilege and not those who are disadvantaged by it. But I had to do it. Insha’allah I will keep adding to the list as I think about things.

Keep in mind I have written it from a perspective of a Muslim man…

As a Muslim man:

1. I can set foot in any masjid I like. No one will stop me at the door and tell me that I am not allowed in the masjid.

2. When I attend Jumah prayer I know that I will have full access to the main prayer hall. I can enter through the front door and I am not required to sit behind a…

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