2012-07-20 – Friday Whisper – Detox…

Ramadan is here, so my spiritual detox starts again…

This month is a great opportunity to get rid of bad habits and acquire new healthy ones, to do an inner voyage visiting our forgotten rooms amidst our busy lives…A self-challenge, switching in a blink of an eye from one daily routine to another and adjusting to it, overcoming any difficulty or desire, fasting under any circumstances… A pause at a crossroad, before deciding to staying on the same path or do a U-turn, if needs be…

I will be hibernating again this month, away from blogging, except for sharing some inspirational quotes and sayings from time to time…

I hope these blessed days will bring you inner peace and serenity, and you take the time to seek self-purification and spiritual growth.

Wish you a blessed Ramadan to all of you 🙂



Rania Hammoud, Life Coach



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