2012-11-30 – Friday Whisper – Globally Hypnotized…

Recently I’ve been observing the big shows that are running on the TV channels, locally and internationally.

Most of the shows are either for selecting the country Idol singer, or the Voice of the year, or the Dancing star, or the Celebrity who can sing the best, or a Karaoke singing competition, or a competition to see if you can dance or to select the star of this Academy… and each one of those shows are going worldwide… Then you have the Soap operas that run for more than 100 episodes, translated into more than one language, and for more than one season… Let alone the reality shows!!! Mind you that an episode of any show can run easily from 1 to 2 hours. Many around the world tune to them, including me…

I asked myself after watching one of those shows: what is the difference between “Rania before this show” and “Rania after this show”? What have changed? The response was NONE. Not a word, not a piece of information, not a thought I got… Did I have fun? Maybe… but after several times watching a given show, it becomes more of a habit or ritual or a must to fit in with everyone else who is watching it… I would watch it regardless if I am enjoying it or not, as if I am running on autopilot… You would say, those shows are meant to entertain us… I agree…but don’t you think that it is becoming too much, too many?

Some of us goes far beyond just watching them… these shows become priorities: They precede family responsibilities and social interactions for many viewers… Or even more, they become the central topic of social gatherings, they would discussed what happened and what would happen next…  Add to all this the continuous follow-up on Facebook and Twitter till the next episode…

I felt as if the purpose of all those programs is to perform a collective hypnosis on all of us… as if it is meant to be for all of us around the world to come to think the same way, accept the same thing and adopt the same values, regardless if they suit us or not…

Isn’t there a way where we can come to think the same way, accept the same thing, adopt the same values, but that will lead us to have a better world?

Can’t there be a big production that can benefit us in a different way than having more singers and dancers? And for that production to go worldwide just like the other shows? Not that I have anything against singers and dancers; it is just that I believe we need something totally different to deal with all the wars, hatred and divisions we are witnessing today…

I want global hypnotization; I just want the one that brings us up to a level where we can accept each other and see our differences as richness…

I don’t want the one that makes us busy with virtual stuff, not adding anything to us, not solving any problem of this world, and giving us false hope and false happiness that drives us away from the real purpose of life….

I know there are other channels that I can tune to, and other things that I can do than the TV itself, but it was just a thought that crossed my mind and I wanted to share with you J

Groucho Marx, an American comedian, said: “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. “

As for myself, I find television very inspiring. Every time I watch a useless show, I go to my laptop and whisper to you 😉


Rania Hammoud, Life Coach



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