2013-04-05 – Friday Whisper – People…

Sometimes when I walk down the street or take a cab or drive to a place, I look at people on the street, try to imagine how they were when they were babies, thinking that this very old man used to be a crawling baby, and this old woman used to wear her hair in braids…

When I see guys in their early 20’s, walking together, talking and laughing, I wonder whether they will be that close, 10 years down the road or total strangers…

When I see a blue-collar worker, I wonder what were his dreams when he was a kid and where did they go…

When I see a beggar on the street, I wonder if he ever had a decent day in his life, what happened, what did he lose, where did he go wrong…

When I see a couple walking holding hands, I wonder how many heart-breaks they went thru before they found each other…

When I see people looking happy, I wonder when was the last time they cried, they lost a dear one, or what ordeal they will go through in the near future…

When I see kids playing, I ask myself, how many among these kids will grow up to be a good person, how many they will be criminals or corrupt, and how many their lives will take a dramatic change…

Plato, a philosopher, said: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

And H. Jackson Brown Jr., an American author, said: “Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.”

I look around and I think to myself what a wonderful world 🙂


Rania Hammoud, Life Coach



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