2015-06-12 – Friday Whisper – Procrastination…

Do you think you procrastinate a lot? Do you keep postponing what you want to start? Do you find it difficult to stick to a routine that you wish to follow? You have maybe googled how to fight procrastination, and for sure you have found lots and lots of websites telling you to do some time management, list your to-do list, set the right priorities, get a support group to encourage you to stick to your gym or diet, meditate, etc…. But if you don’t have this incentive, this energy, this excitement to do all this, nothing will be done…you will keep sitting on that couch, watching TV mindlessly, eating your food emotionally, and getting closer to a depression, slowly but surely…. And all what you keep telling yourself is that: you should start, you must do this or that, you keep failing yourself, time is running, you are getting older, you are getting fatter, you are not moving forward in your career or education, and so on, and so on…. While you are still there on that couch…

You think it is because you are procrastinating that you can’t reach any of those goals…

Let me tell you, procrastination is not a reason but a consequence…a consequence of a fear, an emotional load that you have been feeling for a while now… what could it be?

Is it a fear to go outside your comfort zone? Fear of failing? Fear of not accomplishing your goals perfectly? Did you live through a separation, a loss of a beloved one, a miscarriage, a major sickness? Have you been struggling with your self-confidence? Have you been struggling to seek approval of your dad or mom, even if you are in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s? Are you struggling with your current relationship? Have you been struggling to make ends meet?

Unless you decide to deal with your fear and emotional load first, this will keep pulling you back and hindering you from moving forward.

Maybe you need to face, maybe you need to admit, maybe you need to fight, maybe you need to say No, maybe you need to open up, maybe you need to let go, maybe you need to forgive, or maybe you need to start anew…

Face your daemons, face what you have been avoiding for years now, stop putting it under the carpet or burying it deep down in your soul… it is a living thing that will keep trying to get on the surface, no matter how hard you will try to push it down…

Once you do this, I guarantee you that you will move from one accomplishment to another, with no sweat! All the time management tools and tips you once found on the Internet will become handy and very easy to apply…

Brandon Lee, an American actor, said: “You only have the burdens on you that you choose to put there.”

And George Bernard Show, an Irish playwright, said: “People become attached to their burdens more than the burdens are attached to them”

Don’t waste your years in avoidance or denial… it is not worth it, you deserve to feel satisfied, accomplished and happy…

2015-06-12 – Friday Whisper – Procrastination3

Rania Hammoud, ACC, Life Coach


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